White House set to release details on staffers’ finances


The White House plans to release details on the personal finances of top officials Friday night, giving the public greater insight into the investments held by some of the administration’s wealthy players.

Among those whose finances will be made public on standard government forms are President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Both hail from wealthy families deeply involved in the real estate business.

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Kushner resigned from positions with 266 different entities in order to assume his post as senior adviser to Trump, a senior administration official told reporters Friday.

Others with lengthy disclosure reports expected to go public Friday come from high-powered roles in the world of finance, such as National Economic Council Chair Gary Cohn, a former president of Goldman Sachs.

Administration officials said the disclosure process had been time-consuming and complex because of the significant financial holdings of many of Trump’s appointees.

Financial disclosure forms will be made public upon request for all White House staff making more than $161,755 a year, as well as anyone who’s a commissioned officer—essentially people who hold a title like assistant or special assistant to the president, officials said.

All of those commissioned officers have entered or will enter into "ethics agreements" dictating what positions they’ll resign from, which assets they’ll sell and any matters from which they must be recused, officials said. Those documents won’t be made public, but any waivers of conflict of interest laws will be disclosed, they said.

The disclosure forms can be requested through links on the White House web site and will be distributed by email, officials added.

Source Politico